NFPA 54 NATIONAL FUEL GAS CODE provides industry-accepted guidance for the safe installation and operation of fuel gas piping systems, appliances, equipment, and accessories. This edition includes updates based on recognized risks, recent research, and the techniques, materials, developments, and construction practices in use today. From design to installation, maintenance, and inspection -- no matter what aspect of fuel gas safety your job involves, NFPA 54 is essential. NFPA 54 LP-GAS CODE HANDBOOK, published by NFPA, the Code source, the National Fuel Gas Code Handbook is a time-saving NFPA 54 companion for engineers, contractors, consultants, AHJs, designers, and architects.The NFPA 54 Handbook is your go-to source for the hows and whys behind fuel gas safety compliance. Fully updated and featuring a wealth of full-color visuals, NFPA's National Fuel Gas Code Handbook explains technical NFPA 54 requirements and fuel gas safety concepts -- so you're prepared to answer questions from employees and owners; and verify fuel gas piping, appliance, and venting jobs are in compliance. Handbook contributors are a panel of fuel gas safety experts. Commentary from authorities in the field gives you the background, rationale, and practical tips you need for error-free design, installation, and inspection. Current edition adopted by Texas. Sold individually