The New Basic Electricity for Propane Appliance Service course enables participants to interpret electrical components and diagrams, and measure electrical quantities, and will aid in preparing for NPGA's CETP certification. Basic Electricity for Propane Appliance Service is an essential tool for ensuring employee safety and continuing success.

Course Goals include:

  • Follow safety procedures.
  • Interpret electrical control circuit diagrams for basic appliances.
  • Use a digital multimeter.
  • Measure voltage, resistance and current at any point in an electrical circuit.
  • Identify functions of common sensing devices in basic appliances.
  • Identify functions of common controls and components in basic propane appliances, including:
    • Transformers.
    • Relays and contactors.
    • Motors and capacitors.
    • Wall thermostats.
    • Limit and fan controls.
    • Ignition systems.
    • Gas control valves.
    • Troubleshoot electrical circuits.