This course provides an overview of key concepts and strategies for field personnel, primarily on safely loading and unloading railcars and maintaining DOT intermodal tanks. It provides information, practices, and procedures that support employees working in propane bulk plants that accept and dispatch railcar deliveries and/or handle and maintain DOT intermodal tanks.

Topics covered are:

  • Identifying the hazards associated with handling and transferring propane and the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Railcar documentation, condition requirements and spotting procedures
  • Bulk plant railcar loading/unloading systems and components, verifying the presence of odorant
  • Loading and unloading railcar procedures
  • Testing and inspection requirements for DOT intermodal (IM tanks, Preparing DOT intermodal tanks for transport, Maintenance of DOT intermodal tanks)


Sku: PRC-009367